Whatever your business is, no matter the needs, we will make this an easy process for you.

When starting a project for you–we begin with research on your market for your product, and we’ll do brand research and competition research. We can and will explain why and what we are doing every step we do for you (Unless you just don’t want to hear all that.) We will give you the path to succeed at your business and we’ll do it with reliability and comfort.

When we write copy, it is as your partner, with your voice. And we’ll use our research to be sure we’re on the right track.

Hire Karp Marketing, and besides working with a skilled and award-winning designer, here’s what you get all for the price of the project:

• Promptly return emails;
• Skilled people who will hit deadlines
• We will actively listen to the problems that need solving
• Someone who you will enjoy getting together with for a meeting.